Fine Art Acrylic Painting And Sculpture

Hi, my name is Shaugn David Briggs.

I have a real passion for painting and sculpture. This website focuses on my acrylic painting style that relates to New Zealand through the culture and the stunning landscapes. Aotearoa, New Zealand is such a beautiful country and it is perfect for any artist to travel and create stunning landscape paintings. I will share my stories behind some of my paintings as well as talk about some of the large sculpture projects that I have worked on

My Infuences

The influences in my art work comes from European, Maori, and Pacific cultures. This is reflected in paintings like my paua shell series and the use of Harakeke flax weave as a backdrop in some of my work. From a young child, I have always loved to draw and paint. I feel very lucky that I have taken it into my adult life and can share it with you.


Although I specialise mostly in acrylic painting, some of the paintings on this site are also done in egg tempera which is a wonderful medium for a softer look. I also use oil paints particularly when I use a palette knife.

Acrylic Painting Tips And Techniques 

Acrylic painting

Acrylic Paint has come a long way in a short time. Years ago, a typical acrylic painting could be easily recognized for its thick and dull matt finish compared to other mediums. But now the paint is smooth and the pigments are very vibrant,  not to mention the metallics, pastes, glazes and high gloss varnishes. People often confuse a well painted acrylic to be an oil painting. This has happened to some of my own works. 

The advantage of acrylics is that it dries very quickly compared to oil paint. This means the artist does not need to wait days for the painting to fully dry before exhibiting it.

To create good acrylic artwork, you start at the very beginning with buying the right products and saving money on some others that you really don't need. The next step will be learning about priming the canvas with acrylic gesso primer before creating your own painting.

Galleries and sales

Over the past ten years I have exhibited and sold through the Bealey gallery, Akaroa Gallery, Fisher's Fine Arts, Merivale Fine Arts and now I am with Bryce Gallery. I have also had sales and supported organisations through charity art auctions.

Click here to see some of my current works for sale, plus some of my other work recently sold.

Private Commissions

I have worked on a number of private commissioned paintings where I have visited the client's house and worked with them to come up with a painting that is just right for their living space


Another aspect to this site is the sculpture gallery where over the last ten years I have been practicing and teaching stone sculpture.

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How This Site Was Built 

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I had little knowledge about how to build a website but with the help of the SBI community I created a site that looks good and gets found over the net. You too can create your own website whilst still continuing to work on your business.  The benefit is that you do not have to rely on other people to make changes, You do it all yourself. 

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